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I'm a member of the mathematics faculty in applied mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nevada Reno. My research interests are Navier-Stokes equations, dynamical systems, fractal dimensions and turbulence. Techniques used include functional analysis and large-scale numerical simulation. I'm currently working on relationships between the weak separation condition and Assouad dimension, data assimilation of observational measurements with stochastic errors and the bioremediation of contaminated soil.

I built a Beowulf cluster called PDEwulf to use in my research.

I am on sabbatical leave at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014.

I attended the 2013 Clay Mathematics conference in Oxford, United Kingdom between September 29 and October 4.

I attended the 2014 Joint AMS/MAA meeting in Baltimore Maryland between January 15 and 18.

I gave a talk entitled Data Assimilation at the 2D NSE using Noisy Data Workshop on Analysis of Nonlinear PDEs and Fluid Flows on January 20, 2014 in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

I gave a talk entitled The Weak Separation Condition and Assouad Dimension: A precise Dichotomy on the Real Line at the 2014 Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminar in University of Warwick, United Kingdom on February 11.

I gave a talk entitled Data Assimilation in the Presence of Stochastic Noise at the 2014 AMS Sectional Meeting hosted by Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas between April 11 and 13.

I taught Mathematics 181 Honors Calculus I and Mathematics/Computer Science 466/666 Numerical Methods I Fall semester 2014 at UNR.

I attended the IPAM Workshop on Geophysical and Astrophysical Turbulent October 29, 2014 through November 4, 2014.

I gave a talk entitled Synchonization of Systems of Lorenz Equations using Time Averages at the Workshop on Navier-Stokes Equations and Data Assimilation January 8, 2015 at Texas A&M University.

I will be teaching Mathematics 176 Business Calculus Spring semester 2015 at UNR.

I will be speaking at the 2015 Spring Western Section Meeting of the AMS in University of Nevada Las Vegas, April 18 and 19.

For more information you may look at my publications and teaching webpages.

Information resources for mathematics at UNR and the library catalogue at University of Warwick.

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