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Fall 2019 University of Nevada Reno

330 LINEAR ALGEBRA I (3+0) 3 credits

Vector analysis continued; abstract vector spaces; bases, inner products; projections; orthogonal complements, least squares; linear maps, structure theorems; elementary spectral theory; applications. Corequisite(s): MATH 283 R.

Instructor  Course Section                      Time
Eric Olson  Math 330-1006 Linear Algebra        4:30-5:45pm TR AB 634

Course Information

Eric Olson
ejolson at unr edu
Tuesday and Thursday 2pm DMS 238 and by appointment.
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th Edition by David C. Lay


[16-Dec-2019] Quiz 3 Question 9

I have scanned my solution of Question 9 from Quiz 3 to help you study for the final exam. Please pay attention to the fact since A ∈ R3×3 and because each of the eigenvalues are of multiplicity one that only two independent rows are needed when computing Nul(A−λI) and that the choice of pivot and free variables can be made to simplify the arithmetic.

[17-Dec-2019] Final Exam

The final exam will be Tuesday at 2:30 in PSAC 104. It is cumulative and will cover all material from the quizzes plus Sections 6.1 through 6.5. Among other things please be prepared

[11-Dec-2019] Homework 5

The fifth computer homework covering chapter 6 and Section 7.1 will be due December 11.

[05-Dec-2019] Quiz 3

Quiz 3 will be held in class on December 5 covering chapters 1 through 5 with the addition of Section 7.1 but omitting Sections 4.8, 5.7. This quiz is cumulative and may include questions on any topic from Quizzes 1 and 2, their respective study guides. As was as the topics previously discussed, please study the following additional topics to prepare:

[29-Nov-2019] Homework 4

The fourth computer homework covering Chapters 4 and 5 is due November 29.

[07-Nov-2019] Quiz 2

Quiz 2 will be held in class on November 7 covering chapters 1 through 4 but omitting Section 4.8. This quiz is cumulative and may include questions on any topic from Quiz 1 and the study guide for Quiz 1. As well as the topics previously discussed, please study the following additional topics to prepare:

[01-Nov-2019] Homework 3

The third computer homework covering Chapter 3 is due November 1.

[03-Oct-2019] Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be held in class on October 3 covering chapters 1 and 2 from the text. Please study the following topics to prepare:

[19-Sep-2019] Homework 2

The first computer homework covering Chapter 2 is due September 9.

[09-Sep-2019] Homework 1

The first computer homework covering Chapter 1 is due September 9.

[27-Aug-2019] First Day of Class

Please bring your textbook the first day of class and to all subsequent classes during the semester. To register for the MyLab Math Online portion of this course please consult this information. As refunds from Pearson will not be available if you subsequently drop the course, please select temporary access for now.


     Quiz 1                    20 points
     Quiz 2                    40 points
     Quiz 3                    60 points
     MyLab Math Online         40 points
     Final                    100 points
                              260 points total
Exams and quizzes will be interpreted according to the following grading scale:
    Grade        Minimum Percentage
      A                 90 %
      B                 80 %
      C                 70 %
      D                 60 %
The instructor reserves the right to give plus or minus grades and higher grades than shown on the scale if he believes they are warranted.

Quiz and Exam Schedule

There will be three quizzes and a final exam. All quizzes will be held on Thursday's during the usual class meeting time.

Final Exam

The final exam will be held on Tuesday, December 17 from 2:30 to 4:30pm at PSAC 104. Please note the change in day, time and location from the standard schedule.

Equal Opportunity Statement

The Mathematics Department is committed to equal opportunity in education for all students, including those with documented physical disabilities or documented learning disabilities. University policy states that it is the responsibility of students with documented disabilities to contact instructors during the first week of each semester to discuss appropriate accommodations to ensure equity in grading, classroom experiences and outside assignments.

Academic Conduct

Bring your student identification to all exams. Work independently on all exams and quizzes. Behaviors inappropriate to test taking may disturb other students and will be considered cheating. Don't talk or pass notes with other students during a quiz or exam. Homework may be discussed freely. When taking a quiz or exam in the classroom don't read notes or books. If you are unclear as to what constitutes cheating, please consult with me.
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